Design home furnishing and accessories, tatami floors, futon mats, customized wardrobes, sliding doors and walls, eco beds, sofa beds, wardrobe cabins, doors, water mats, separé, ergonomic chairs, zori, zen gardens, kakemono.

Cinius is:

  • solid blackboard wooden beds customizable with no metallic parts
  • design tatami floor beds
  • futon mats sofa beds
  • custom shoji sliding doors
  • shoji sliding doors solid beachwood wardrobes
  • wardrobe cabinets
  • custom wardrobes
  • tatami floor loft beds
  • tatami (typical japanese floor matting)
  • water mats “zero movement”
  • futon mats
  • latex futon mats
  • ergonomic chairs

Home furnishing and accessories including Zori slippers, kimono, kakemono, buckwheat head roll, rice paper lamps, zen gardens, stone foutains and much more to make your home unique.

Cinius wooden furnishing is in European solid backboard wood (Beech, Pine, Spruce, …) raw or treated with natural paint. Only in this way, after one touch, you will feel the wonderful true and authentic feeling of real wood. For furniture imported outside of U.E. we make sure that they are produced with material coming from wood not at risk of deforestation and with a smaller environmental imprint, favoring rubber tree wooden furniture.

Cinius eco soul

We are proud to declare the elimination of Ramin wood usage from our manufacture, rplacing it with Beech and Ash wood from FSC-certified suppliers.

Here is everything you need to know about our wood:

> Datasheet

> Declaration of Performance

> Glue composition

> Glue certification