YUME H 16.5cm latex mattress

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Latex Mattress H 18cm (7 inches)
“Yume” (Dream) model.

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Yume” (Dream) model – Latex Mattress

H 16.5cm (6.5 inches) with checkered lozenge cotton lining.
Mattress’ completely removable cover allows it to be dry cleaned.

Latex 100% natural ?!?
Completely natural latex does not exist because the rubber (basic component) obtained from the rubber tree, if not treated with acrylic additives, tends to pulverize in a short time. So be careful that the statement “… 100% latex …” does not mean that the mattress is “… 100% natural …”. On the contrary, a mattress can be declared 100% latex and contain just 1% of rubber. Obviously, the higher the percentage of rubber, the higher the cost of the mattress.

Unfortunately there is no legislation that obliges mattress manufacturers to declare the quality and composition of the latex used; moreover, there is currently no tool available to the consumer to help him determine the quality of the latex he is purchasing. The customer therefore has nothing to do but rely on the merchant’s reputation and seriousness. In any case, in a somewhat approximate way, it can be said that the softer the latex, the more natural it is. The latex used in our mattresses has a percentage of rubber that varies from 30% to 40%. We believe, with this percentage, to offer the right compromise between quality, price and duration of the mattress (remember that the more natural the latex is, the less it lasts over time).

We hope that this information can help you understand why “100% latex” mattresses can be found on the market at such different prices.