SpazioBed with drawers

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SpazioBed with drawers and sliding doors to have many comfortable drawers even if the room is not large.

Impero space-saving beds are Cinius storage beds: a high structure in solid beech wood hiding the large space-saving compartment below.
SpazioBed exceeds classic height standards of stroage beds: a very high bed does not create a particular bulk, it is aesthetically pleasing and is compatible with a wide range of pull-out drawers of various sizes.

Available Beech colors

Standard is in natural untreated wood

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We use the underside of the bed in an intelligent and practical way!

Shoji side sliding doors slide on milled railings which guarantee a sealing effect, resistant to dust and wear.

If you want a real wardrobe, we recommend Impero bed with cabinet with sliding doors.
For SpazioBed with drawersflooring, we recommend tatami: its texture allows you to place the mattress directly on it, allowing good breathability and at the same time obtaining a dust-proof storage bed.
However, it is possible to equip SpazioBed with a slatted base or a perforated wooden top.
On both bed sides you can combine different types of ladders; the safety railing is optional, but highly recommended.
SpazioBed can be placed next to a wall, placed in a corner of the room or built into a niche: the project can be customized to the centimeter.

Tamping up the sheets is extremely easy: there is no need to bend down!
In case of insertion of SpazioBed in a corner or niche, it is advisable to request a larger structure than the mattress to facilitate the tucking of the sheets.
Note that such a tall bed may seem smaller than normal, but this is only an optical effect.

Drawers are equipped with Blum soft closing guides
Drawers internal body is in birch plywood ideal for stability, the front and the external body are in solid lamellar beech.
The handles can be: narrow central / wide central / wide with high edge, they are made of wood with a particular shape that makes it easy to grip.
It is possible to place the drawers in various heights and on any side of the bed except the point where any stairs are to be positioned.
Note: if the drawers are positioned on all sides of the bed, it will no longer be possible to access the internal area of ​​the bed.
Drawers depth is 50 cm (20 inches)
If there are very uneven floors, ask for drawers with adjustable feet, otherwise for small irregularities it is sufficient to thicken with felt pads.

  • Space-saving storage bed in solid lamellar beech wood
  • Registered product (patented)
  • Available in raw wood or in various colors
  • Treated on request with natural impregnating oils
  • Available also to measure
Il letto che desideri non ha misure standard?
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