YEN space-saving bed

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“Yen” Loft Bed

The customized loft bed with fixed height

Are you looking for the perfect space-saving wooden loft bed for your studio?
Do you want a bunk bed for your children but don’t want to face expensive and complicated brickwork?
With Cinius loft beds furnishing your home becomes easier!
Yen Loft Bed is the best solution for smaller houses and studios: it can be installed in a bedroom but it is also a space-saving furniture idea for the living room.
With its light and natural structure in laminated beech wood, it adapts to any room thanks to thealways made-to-measuredesign.
Yen Loft Bed is recommended for rooms with at least 320cm (10.5 ft) high ceilings(otherwise, the “Rising Loft Bed” is recommended).
It usually result in an underlying space of Yen Loft Bed of around 180/200 cm (6/6.5 ft), with a load-bearing band of 15cm (6 inches).
Tatami are used as a support for the mattress, which are:

  • walkable;
  • breathable;
  • thermoacoustic insulators;
  • easy to clean.


Available Beech colors

Standard is in natural untreated wood

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La tua

La tua configurazione

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Integrated and perfectly functional solutions

We recommend the “Modular Cubic Ladder”(standard height 120cm (47 inches), customizable on request), a modern furniture that is both a comfortable access to the loft bed and a bookcase / drawers.
The safety railing is mandatory for Yen Loft Bed sides not close to the wall.
The fixing is at least in two points on opposite corners, on the wall or ceiling. If this is not possible, it will be necessary to extend one or more columns to the ceiling.
As for the surface, it is advisable to design it as wide as possible to increase the useful space around the mattress.

  • Loft bed in laminated beech wood
  • Precious raw materials
  • Available in raw wood or in various colors
  • Treated on request with natural impregnating oils
  • Available also to measure


What is the difference between the Yen loft and the Yen-E loft?

The section of the columns is not square, but in the shape of an “L“.
This involves a better weight distribution, ensuring maximum stability (and therefore safety) even in the case of loft beds up to the ceiling.
All this at a lower price than the Yen Loft Bed, without giving up any of its advantages!

Columns can be:

  • 10 x 10 cm (3.9 inches);
  • 13 x 13 cm (5 inches).