Platform Loft Closet

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Platform Loft Closet

The space saver for smaller living rooms

The comfort of “Impero Beds” goes beyond the confines of the bedroom!
Platform Loft Closet is designed to enhance even the smallest living room: the capacious space-saving sliding trolleysare perfect for storing clothes, boxes, tablecloths, plates and pots!
In fact, you can design the trolleys with exactly as many shelves as you want.
In solid lamellar beech wood, it is always made to measure.
Safety railing is optional and available in various models.
Tatami are used as a support for the mattress, which are:

  • walkable;
  • breathable;
  • thermoacoustic insulators;
  • easy to clean.



Available Beech colors

Standard is in natural untreated wood

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La tua

La tua configurazione

Integrated and perfectly functional solutions

We recommend the “Modular Cubic Ladder”(standard height 120cm (47 inches), customizable on request), a modern furniture that is both a comfortable access to the loft bed and a bookcase / drawers.
Platform Loft Closet – exclusive right Cinius – is the only space-saving solution capable of really increasing the size of your living room … without the need for masonry!

  • In solid laminated beech wood
  • With space-saving sliding trolleys
  • Available to measure
  • Precious raw materials
  • Available in raw wood or in various colors (see)
  • Treatment with natural impregnating oils
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