Our philosophy

Cinius is Home Wellness: wellness starts from your home

More and more people are rediscovering a lifestyle in harmony with nature. This rediscovery does not end at the gym, spas or healthy nutrition, but also involves the living spaces.

This way of living is called Home Wellness. The definition of Home Wellness is therefore “psychophysical well-being that involves the person and the environment that surrounds him”.

To bring the wellness lifestyle even within the home, it is necessary to look for housing solutions that help to improve your life.

In this regard, furnishings play a key role: if the house is in harmony with the occupants in every smallest detail, they will experience the house as a place to recharge with positive energy and get rid of the negative sensations and difficulties of everyday life.

In line with this philosophy, Cinius offers products and solutions that do not simply furnish homes, but make any environment more comfortable, more convenient and more functional.

Some examples of Cinius products in line with Home Wellness phylosophy are the bed models (Kyoto, Isola, Tatami Bed, Maru, Arca, Luna, Yen, etc.) in solid wood with no metallic parts (Magnetic Free), interlocking or with wooden nuts and bolts.

These beds are specially designed for those who are sensitive to problems related to magnetic fields: the absence of metal parts gives a sweet rest to those with this type of sensitivity.

Another flagship of Cinius manufacture are Water Mattresses, which support the body evenly down to the smallest curve and therefore give a feeling of exceptional relaxation.

Furthermore, Cinius Water Mattresses allow you to always maintain the correct spine posture from an orthopedic point of view.
Designed to dampen any movement, it is scientifically proven that people who sleep on water mattresses turn 2/3 times less than they do on traditional mattresses.

This happens because there are no pressure points disturbing blood circulation. There is therefore no doubt that entrusting your sleep to a Cinius Water Mattress will represent an effective progress towards achieving optimal rest and regeneration of the body’s energies, in accordance withHome Wellnessphilosophy.

“Cinius phylosophy” is sunmerized in 3 words:




Since more than 20 years, Cinius resorts only to selected raw materials (woods come mainly from European forests, subject to reforestation programs), low environmental impact processes (solid lamellar beech wood is colored with non-toxic water-based paints, interlocking assembled and handcrafted, with consequent possibility of final recycling of the product) and best relationship between aesthetic and functional quality.

Ciniusproducts, versatile and functional, offer numerous solutions for the most varied contemporary living needs. Here are some examples from the wide range of customized products:

ZenTable is sold together with a sandbag for compositions allowing customers to create their own little personal Zen garden (carefully protected by the glass top).

Shoji sliding doors, doors and sliding walls are versatile, functional and can be used both as a room divider and as practical doors for Walk-in Cabinets.

Simple lines and careful details characterizing beds, sofas, bookcases, tables and small furnishing accessories

A tradition reinterpreted in an absolutely contemporary key, since Cinius products are designed for today’s public, requiring, for example, a correct rest on beds without metal parts (and therefore magnetic fields), equipped with Futon mats (padded exclusively with layers of integral cotton, first carding) or mattresses in latex and cotton.

Even sales organization pursues customer’s well-being and comfort. To meet the public needs, Cinius is active not only in its stores in Bologna, Milan, Rome, Florence, Padua and Turin, but also on the Internet. On this website you can visit our entire Ciniuscatalog.


“A few words with Fabio Fenili, CINIUS Srl co-founder”

What does Cinius do?

Cinius embraces homes at 360 °, starting from the most classic furnishing solutions up to “made to measure”, which is our strength. To expand on that: we are talking about integrated systems to furnish environments by rationalizing the use of space.

Here the idea goes from wardrobes to custom-made sliding walls, to bookcases up to fixed and motorized mezzanines that allow you to get a real proper extra bedroom in the square meters of your home and that can be integrated, for example, in the wardrobe or in the cabin itself.

Everything, in our philosophy, is transformed following your house shapes, just like a real carpentry job, but with lower costs.

What does natural furnishing mean for you?

It means giving your home and those who live in there well-being in full harmony with nature. More and more people are also looking for positive energies within their own homes, a feeling of “closing out” all negative thoughts surrounding us.

Here then the use of selected raw materials, ecological treatments, interlocking assemblies with the use of wooden screws and bolts or the choice of futon mats notoriously without springs allow us, for example, to break down any magnetic field and to live healthy.

These are some of the small details, fundamental for us, which over time take on a significant importance on the quality of life. This wooden design is very much in fashion nowadays.

And what was it like at the beginning of the activity, which, we recall, has just turned 25 years old? Why this choice?

We have always been fascinated by apparently distant worlds, from which to draw useful lessons. This is why at the beginning of our adventure, we were aimed at ethnic and country style.

Over the years, this research soon led us to approach oriental style with evolutionary curiosity, which by aesthetic tradition is made up of essential lines that leave room for accurate and functional details; aspects that are all very close to our conception of space.

The other idea was to merge the two cultures and create contemporary solutions that would embrace Japan, but also leaving free visibility to the quality that “made in Italy” products have always had.